The Brewhouse

In the brewhouse, wort is produced from malt, hops, and water. The wort is then cooled in the brewhouse from 100 ° C to 10 ° C. Yeast is added, causing fermentation to begin. With our new, fully-automated brewhouse, it is possible to produce 5 brews per day. A brew corresponds to 10,000 liters, corresponding to 22 brews per week or 220, 000 liters of beer.


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Do you know

Before barley can be used to make beer, it must be malted. This is done by soaking the barley in water, draining and drying at different temperatures. The intensity of the malt flavor and color depends on how high the temperature is raised during the drying process.

There are more than 50 varieties on the market. Malts range in color from very pale through crystal and amber or even black malts. To brew 100 liters of pale ale, about 20 kg of malt are needed.